Pearland Air Conditioning Repair Services – Ventilation

At Pearland Air Conditioning Repair Services, we have engineers who are well trained to deal with ventilation and air conditioning needs. They fully understand the climatic condition within Pearland and they have the necessary expertise to come up with solutions that will guarantee you a comfortable stay within your indoor environment.
When we train our experts, we emphasize on the practical and workable skills that have direct benefits to our clients. This includes the incorporation of green technologies into the ventilation systems of our clients. All our professionals are veterans in the HVAC industry and this gives them the authority to handle your ventilation systems with confidence knowing exactly what they are doing.

Our Ventilation Services

The stale and moist indoor air can be quite unsettling if not unbearable. For the health and comfort of your family, you have to ensure that fresh air from outside always finds its way into your indoor space. Through the help of our experts, we will ensure that your home is properly ventilated and air circulates without interruption. This also includes checking of the humidity levels to ascertain whether they operate within the recommended levels.

Chimney ventilation however much preferred in most homes, comes at a cost. It consumes a lot of energy which comes as a burden to you through your energy bills. By reducing or eliminating this type of ventilation, we not only saving energy but also maintaining humidity levels, enhancing air quality and controlling air leakages into and out of your home.
Increases in air pressure and humidity can potentially cause locks and doors to freeze up, frost to build up in between poorly sealed window panes and increase in conde
nsation on the interior surfaces of sealed windows. This makes your home very uncomfortable.

To rectify this, our technicians:

  • Weather strip and caulk around your doors and windows
  • Cover your windows with a window insulator kit during winter
  • Install a ventilation system consisting of a fresh air intake, exhaust fans, dehumidistat, timer controls and a heat recovery ventilator
  • Replace poorly sealed and old windows with more energy efficient windows

Types of Ventilation Systems

At Pearland Air Conditioning Repair Services, we service different kinds of ventilation systems. Below is a brief discussion of the top systems that we install, repair and maintain.

Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) – This is a ventilation system that is responsible for exchanging your indoor air on a regular basis. This ensures that the air in your house is always healthy and fresh for you and your family. It removes polluted, stale and humid air from your bathrooms and kitchen and directs it via the HRV unit which exhausts the air outside. The unit then takes in an equal amount of fresh air from the external environment and replaces it with the exhausted air.

Ventilating Fans – These are mechanical fans that our experts mount on the wall or ceiling. They include range hood fans, bathroom fans and utility room fans. Just like the HRV unit, these fans which are controlled by a switch or timer are responsible for removing humid, stale or polluted air within your home. They are usually turned on manually by the occupant whenever ventilation is required in a specific area within the house.

Central Exhaust System – This system is similar to the ventilating fan in that it removes polluted and humid air from the house. The difference however exists in the fact that the central exhaust system draws polluted air from multiple locations within the house. As opposed to the ventilating fan, the central exhaust system makes use of only one fan in the entire home. It is controlled by a standard switch, dehumidistat or a timer.

Our Ventilation Engineers

Our large pool of engineers has enabled us to specialize in various ventilation services. Our ductwork installers for instance are responsible for installing the ventilation and ductwork systems. The service engineers on the other hand are involved in the planning and maintaining of all ventilation systems fitted in our clients’ homes. We also have highly experienced commissioning engineers whose job is to test and check that the ventilation systems installed in our customers’ homes perform as expected.

At Pearland Air Conditioning Repair Services, we take all the measures possible to tame excessive energy consumption by inefficient ventilation systems. Call us today to schedule your appointment or have our experts visit your home to assess your ventilation needs.